A Wave On The Ocean

By Bensholto

Something wicked this way comes

Don't be too surprised.

It is Manchester after all.

EDIT: The past four or five blips, I used a three year old digital camera, a cheap pocket camera. Despite its seeming lack of features, megapixels and all that other stuff, it lets me use manual settings, so I've only photographed using this over the past few days.
Just after I posted this, I noticed the "year ago" thumbnail. It too was taken using a simple point and shoot camera, albeit one with less features than the one I used for this blip. About the same time last year, I took about a week's worth of blips using a simple point and shoot camera, as a way of kind of re-energising my interest in photography. And here I am, a year late, doing something very similar. Peculiar/strange/destiny/random/whatever. I thought I'd mention it anyway.


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