This is actually the first time I've seen this tattoo although it's been in place on this leg for about two years I think. The reason I mention it is that I actually drew the design for it.

This the second and other tattoo I've designed and has been committed to indelibility. It still doesn't really sit entirely comfortable with me. When I draw things, I always notice the wee mistakes and internally over criticise myself and the fact that it becomes a permanent fixture on someones skin adds a bit more weight to that.

The recipient did like it and when she showed it to the tattoo artist, he thought it was good as well and said she should go with that over the other more generic dinosaur I did. I daresay it went through a slight re-mastering through the tattoo artist's work as it does look better than I remember it.

The actual picture is a re-imagining of the dinosaur eating a fish meme but with the dinosaur having a wee Bode Lizard and I think the quote is possibly, knowing the person upon which it is drawn, a Pearl Jam lyric or something.

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