All These Things...

By Joestockdale


Today I woke up to a lovely blue sky and striking sun, as soon as I left the house it started to rain... Oh Cumbria. I went into work sorted out some photos for John's walk book and wrote up all the photographic work and experience I've done as future reference, before I forget. As soon as I got home I started processing some more images from an event I did not so long ago, almost done. The clock stroke seven, so I decided to give it a rest and go for a walk above Watermillock on the fells.

Arriving at the car park on the side of Mell fell I jumped a couple of gates into the fields which looked over Ullswater, not caring or giving a damn that it's private land (It's not trespassing if you don't get caught, but if you do just claim your lost or just state that nature is for everyone... or something along those lines that won't get you in trouble). I shot off up the hill and got to the most amazing vista, I must return here when the lighting is more suitable and a polarizer, sigh. Although I did get the often cloud break given results like this, which was pretty impressive to say the least. After taking a few shots on the hillside I made for the lower ground which came out near a huge pine forest, every so often I could hear this piercing bird call coming from within the forest, I investigated but found nothing, except for more views of Ullswater.

For this shot I bracketed two photos and merged them in Photoshop, one exposure for the hill and trees in the foreground and the other for the mountains and lake. For the first time I used a high pass filter on soft light blending mode faded to a more suited level, looked like a far out planet without the opacity knocked down.

Second wedding of the year tomorrow, wish me luck.

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