A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins

The Rhythm Method

Evening all.

Last year the nursery slopes at Airstone's agricultural alpine finishing school wasn't exactly teaming with fresh meat, they had cautiously moved into the beef business and i think i remember one calf in the field, protected from injudicious glances by the type of security afforded to only the pope and Bruce Forsyth's hairpiece.

This year they obviously have employed the services of a better bull, or a more catholic bull with a terrible sense of rhythm, because the slopes are almost awash with the little blighters, they are so numerous you actually find it difficult to count them all.

I'm reliably informed there are six, but coming from the Holy Grail school of numeracy i have a problem with counting past five, so its difficult to point and count at the same time.

I used my dslr for this shot, but maybe i should've gone for the point and shoot..worked alright for the bull!

night all


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