love light

By lrw


I dunno. They are standing rather far apart to be lovers. At least, I would never stand so far away from Karin if I were there with her! But yet, they seemed very interested in each other. Maybe they are soon to be lovers? Maybe they are struggling with this new relationship? Maybe something else?

I took a walk along the boardwalk by the lake this evening after dinner. Karin was exhausted after a difficult week at work and seemed to want to chill out on the sofa. I needed/wanted to get out for a bit of air and I saw the sky was lovely and the sunset was about to start so took myself off for a wee stroll.

The sunset was nothing spectacular. It was very nice. But a calm, quiet sort of sunset. The sky was clear (except for the ever present layer of smog :/). The air calm. There were *hundreds* of people down on the lake front/boardwalk area. Quite the exciting vibe happening there.

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