Log Freuchie

By Freuchie


This blip was inspired by dottie's one a few days ago.

The paperweight was presented to my mother by the community in Amulree, Perthshire, when she retired in 1980 as the teacher of the village school. There wasn't really a village as such - just the school, the post office, the church and a hotel, the houses being scattered far and wide, and the pupils (sometimes as few as 7 of them) were ferried to school by taxi from remote glens. Older children had to board during the week at the nearest secondary school in Aberfeldy, about 11 miles away.

With the closure of so many rural and one-teacher schools over recent years, I wonder what the situation is in Amulree nowadays. If any blippers out there know, please tell.

I've always loved this paperweight. I think it was made by Strathearn Glass. I inherited it when my mum died.

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