Nutty on the Inside.....

By PurpleWrapper

We can't go anywhere with out a ....

....bird or two lol

Flo's night time (v early morning) antics are starting to get silly!
It was 5am this morning, she doesn't want anything except attention.
So this morning and we're going to do it again shortly she & Bertie were locked out for a bit in the garden. They spent most of that time looking through the cat flap lol
We are even considering sleeping in the spare room tonight just so we get 1 good night!
Although our body clocks are now so used to these early wake ups we'll probably wake anyway - teehee

On letting the birds out this morning I found that one of Biscuits eggs had been crushed. She stayed off the nest for quite some time getting the yolk off her feathers. I took the opportunity to check on 2 of the others. 1 is definitely growing, sadly though it's the one with the ruptured air cell. It is possible it could hatch but it will need a close eye keeping on it come hatch time.

We had a lazy start to the day but then after lunch we got the mowers out and I cut the back lawn whilst Wfish took the other mower down the field and then he washed the car (much needed).
After a well earned cuppa we headed off through the wood for a walk. Sassy & LC decided they'd like to come too!
Which is when I snapped today's blip.
We managed to leave them rummaging in the wood & we headed down the lane. Hope the weather has been kind to everyone today - it's been beautiful here :o)

Heading out for corn tomorrow as I have a busy week at work ahead and unsure when we'll get chance to get some.

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