It's murder on the dancefloor

You know whenever you go to a party or a wedding the night always has to start with someone's kids throwing shapes on an otherwise deserted dance floor? Well tonight they were my kids. At one point all three of them did the Macarena up there and got a big round of applause from the adults (just as well they had a rehearsal in the kitchen last night which was a strange coincidence).

I'm surprised they had the energy left after a full on day. Joe had hit 4 goals this morning in a route of Longnidddry and then it was along to the Modern Art Gallery for a version of Hansel and Gretel that was in a series of small rooms and corridors that were full of props in semi darkness and which you had to navigate through with a torch and an MP3 player, the headphones played you the story and gave instructions when to move on to the next room. It was spooky and brilliantly done.

Then it was off down Broughton Street for the girls to buy party frocks and then pizza before a quick change and out to Jill's party.

Tomorrow, Eve has an early kick off and we have two more shows lined up. I'd better get some kip then.

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