Life with The Pinks

By suzypink

Tell the World: Musical May 13

mmmm.....tenuous link alert: "Tell the world" we made it to the top of the tree. <insert groaning>. Sorry!

My gorgeous Godson (2) and Master Pink up the tree on our outing to Furze Hills in Mistley this afternoon. We had a play in the park, and then an explore in the wood. Lots of great tree climbing opportunities. It was fun.

Church this morning was good, the family service was lovely, and hopefully the mini pinks absorbed something from the service. I say absorbed, because that's all I can really hope for as they spent the whole time eating and drawing and playing Peppa Pig. Although the appearance of Monty Mouse brought about some still and attention.

Very excitingly there were danish pastries instead of biscuits today. Yum!
What does Church look like was the question today. Apparently cake isn't one of the answers but the danish pastries made us all very happy.

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