daresay the plants are glad of it

For the first two hours wandering around the Botanics the wingpiglet was fast asleep, no doubt catching up a bit after failing to go back to sleep when he woke up at five, though he did at least lie still-ish for forty minutes before starting the usual morning insistence that his TOES were STUCK and he wanted to get UP to go DOWN to get an EDGAR BIX. When he awoke there was a short period of muzziness before he rebooted sufficiently for some scuttling; hopefully it was his recent re-emergence from sleep which was causing him to be visibly unsettled by some of the enormous palm leaves in the palm house. There wasn't much time left for more scuttling before it was time to leave again but he must have had sufficient as he sat very nicely whilst we had our tea. Also amusing to note was his equanimity when being carried from café to car in quite heavy rain (I was walking in case he reacted badly to being jiggled shortly after eating) in comparison to his wailings up0n being strapped back in. He was also well-behaved whilst being trundled round the shop, not grabbing at anything or trying to escape. He messed up his single attempt at a falsified wail when he abruptly stopped to chirrup "hello" to a random bloke in the coffee aisle.

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