All These Things...

By Joestockdale

Long Meg And Her Sisters

A rather good day; college in the morning, went home finished some editing, went out to Long meg, visited the Grandparents, visited Greenview. At the Stone Circle I bumped into a couple visiting from Australia, they told me they'd stayed over in Ambleside and drove over Kirkstone pass and down by Ullswater, sounds like a pretty good way to spend a holiday.

I took a few shots around the circle, the cloud along with the sunlight worked nicely to bring together what resembled to be Spring after a constant down pour of rain and wind. Composition around Long Meg can prove to be quite difficult as there is a farm on one side and a house on the other, not forgetting the road that runs right through one side of it... along with the car parking spaces, which are often filled with wacky racers or tourists. I wanted to make good use of the strong directional shadows and sharp clouds.

Usual editing technique on this one, but with a 'High Pass' filter set to soft light and faded opacity to bring out more depth. Also a good trick I learnt from one of my biggest inspirations is to use 'Selective Colour' to add more magenta levels to the green tones to bring out a nice natural tone to the grass and trees.

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