By greadyboy

Another journey!

This time back from Swindon.

Good old replacement bus service.

Where you're never really sure if you're on the right bus.

Constant feeling of possibility of kidnap. By an elderly bus driver.

Was good to see Uncle A, Aunty K, Cousin S and Cousin T. Was good to have some good food including lots of puddings (amaaazing rhubarb crumble, been craving it for ages!).

And John Williams was of course, amazing. So happy that they did Indiana Jones as an encore.

I really am not a normal 21 year old. But I don't really care.

"Everything would be very boring if everyone was the same." Well that's what Granny used to say anyway. And, "Watch yourself, the wind will change and you'll be stuck like that!". True wisdom.

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