The Geeky Christian

By s90man

Santa says hi to the new Blipfoto

So the new Blip is here it seems! I kind of touched on this in my last entry as I posted it today, but oh well. I must say huge kudos to them for actually getting this done on time, even before time from what I’ve heard from other blippers! And it even works! Big companies could learn a lot from the Blipfoto staff it seems. The number of botched launches and relaunches I’ve seen from multi-million or billion dollar operations…

As for me, felt quite a bit better today, still ended up quite tired though! Symptoms are definitely a lot less strong, which is very nice. I think Dad's improving too though still very tired! Mum seems 70% recovered. Should all be okay by Christmas I reckon!

Managed to do a little bit of prioritising and sorting today, easy stuff.

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