Mission Accomplished

Earlier today Mrs W was playing with our (?) newly converted to Infra Red ‘Canon 400D’ and shot me on the roof putting up the annual star and new-for-this-year rope lights on the chimney.  So the obvious thing for me to blip is the job now complete. 
After I had come down off the roof I put up the remainder of the outside lights.  This is the first year without our False Acacia  so the lights have had to go on our new fence, and the bird feeding station.
I don’t normally have them on until the Solstice, but hang it they are on now and that’s the way I shall leave them (only two days early).
Yesterday I was going to pour scorn on the new website, but I haven’t really had the time to compose myself, and it’s much the same today.  Having said that the two things that I definitely do not like are firstly it’s too much in your face – large icons, white background etc, much like Facebook and Flicker -  and also I hate my ‘profile’ being on my home (and other) pages.  That’s for people to look at if interested, not have it rammed down their throat every time they go to my pages.  Rant done for the moment – watch this space . . .

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