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Calne Blue Plaques #9

My plans to photograph the Avebury stones at sunset for the solstice day were thwarted yet again by grey skies and rain. I had been out for a stroll in the morning and taken some shots for the Blue Plaque series, either as a precaution or as preparatory shots prior to a return visit, and they do the job, so here is a straightforward shot of Weavers House, at the north end of The Green.

Although the shot is geo-tagged, new whiter than white Blippo hasn't put it on the map, and I don't have the patience for the endless zooming and clicking now involved in adding it manually. I'm hoping the boffins will eventually fix the bug and it will start showing automatically, or at the very least have in place a system of manually adding the tags that is usable.

Weavers House
The wool trade was the main economy in the Calne area from the Middle Ages to the early 19th Century. A clothing business was run from Weaver’s House, with workshops and warehouses, by the Oriel family until 1775. It was then let to another clothier family, the Viveashes. In 1828 Samuel Viveash was recorded as living and making cloth in the premises. It was later used by the Harris Factory to store sawdust. - Calne Heritage

21.12.2014 (1755 hr)

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Day #1733
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Kingsbury Street With Weavers House And Church
The Blue Plaque

Lens: Pentax 12-24 mm

Calne series
Calne Blue Plaque series

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