Dutch Skies

By ronbuist

Dark clouds over rural Groningen

Rain clouds over a field with the Langelandster Windmill beyond.

I'm having the week off. Today was Nienke's school outing and I was one of the lucky parents to go with them. Because of all the rain, plans had to be changed and we went to an alternative (indoor) location for the school outing. It was lots of fun and I took about 150 pictures, of which lots will appear on the school's website once I have finished processing them.

By the time the girls went to bed the weather had improved a lot and I thought I would ride my bicycle and do some location scouting and perhaps even take some pictures. I went to the Langelandster Windmill (or Langelandster Molen in Dutch). As you can see, dark clouds* came rolling in and shortly after taking this shot I decided to leave to avoid getting soaking wet on the way back. Complete failure there: I was halfway when it started raining heavily.

Was it worth it? Well, that's up to you I guess, but I think this location has potential. I know a better image is possible so I think I will return. For now, I'm happy finding it and I think I've done what is possible given the conditions at the scene.

* emphasized by not using one, but two ND grad filters, for a total of five stops. The alternative would be to underexpose, but that would reduce the effect of the movement in the sky and the grass would have been a lot darker (and less detailed).

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