roughly one in every three or four

I can't remember without looking it up how many image files I came back from NZ with four years minus thirteen days ago, but it was either three and a half thousand or four and a half thousand, ALL of which have now been looked at and selected and cropped and processed (somewhat scrappily, towards the end) and uploaded to form the 1,121 pictures in the appropriate set on Flickr. It took me almost two years to properly process and upload all the wedding pictures, and I couldn't start the honeymoon pictures until all the wedding pictures were up in order to maintain sequentialness in my photostream, something which I have only broken with the occasional mobile upload in order to avoid having to remember the login for my ftpspace if I need to upload something on the move. Whilst there are still four years' worth of photos to upload before I properly catch up, thanks to the magic of being tied into uploading one photo a day I have those four years' worth of pictures ready-edited, requiring only a little cursory tagging before being uploaded. There's a slight glut of pictures here and there from the odd holiday or emergence of child but the risk of having a backlog greater than four years has been averted.

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