Placid Casual

By Barnaby_Nutt

ways to save a life...

you could train to be a doctor - five or six years of studying and wiping backsides and then you might save a life.

you could be an air/sea rescue crewman or maybe an r.n.l.i. lifeboatman. again, a fair bit of training i expect and untold danger to your own life but you may well save a life.

you could give blood. this could be a little bit inconvenient having to go to the community centre and it may involve fifteen minutes of 'just finding the vein, pet'. but you may save a life.

or, you could clear the side windows of your car before you set-off to work on the cooler, autumnal mornings when dew or damp has settled on them overnight. you can even do this from the comfort of the driver's seat if you have electric windows. no training, no inconvenience, no needles.

then, you might just see that cyclist.

sorry for the original picture - just trying to get my message to a wider audience!

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