Yesterday Mono .......

 ......... today in "full fat" colour!

When I uploaded my photos onto the computer I realised that this one was actually taken just after midnight (Madrid time) so qualifies for my journal entry today ....... I'm so glad that I am able to show you the effect the coloured lights have on the tree that looks a little bare in daylight (and was the subject of my MonoMonday Challenge entry yesterday - not this actual tree but a very similar one in the city).

You can also see how big it is from the few people still around ..... a couple of those are my colleagues.

We wandered the streets, had a few drinks and a great meal in one of the many city restaurants ..... the Christmas lights here are VERY modern and very different to any I have seen before ...... but so pretty and they put us all in a festive mood.

I fell into bed twenty three and a half hours after I left my house - not surprisingly I slept like a log and was up and about at seven this morning, down for breakfast before flying back to the UK - walked in the house at three thirty this afternoon.  
No more missions until 2015 - yay! ...... no more pay until 2015 - boooo!  Lol

Two more sleeps 'til Santa :-))

~ Anni ~

Groan of the Day

Q:  Why was Santa's Little Helper feeling depressed?

A:  He had very low elf-esteem!!

Tee-hee ........ sorry!!! (not)

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