A bright sunny and cold day today. We went over to take Cosmo for a walk along the Deeside Railway and into Duthie Park. At first she had not seemed particularly enthusiastic but once she was out she was very keen lively and wanted to be running around. She collected a twig which she carried with her for quite a while. When she eventually dropped it I though maybe I should pick it up and take it home for her. But then if I did that every time she found a twig she liked, she would end up with a room full of twigs to add to the toys she already has. Not to mention any more Santa may bring her.

When we took her home she was still lively and played football as well as fighting with her fox toy.

When we left Cosmo we stopped off at the Hazlehead Park Cafe. As we left the park the sun was just setting. I grabbed a quick snap before returning to the car park.

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