Heart and Souled

By DebsP

"Pluthering Heights*"

We changed the opaque glass in our bathroom window (top half!) to clear. Best thing we could have done. Means I can now flash the high street get this view first thing.
These chimneys belong to our local boozer and smoke is spewing out whenever I look. The landlady was arranging her hanging baskets as I walked the dog and, with blip in mind, I asked "Do you leave the fire in all night?" with a cheeky half smile she replied "Depends what time we close ...." That can be the kind of late that is also counts as early - the next day (judging by the carousing heard over the rooftops from time to time).
I've had the word pluthering on my mind. I heard it in a Radio 4 documentary about the last houses in a North Derbyshire town to get central heating and their move away from a reliance on coal. A man recalled all the chimneys chucking off black smoke "Oh pluthering they were". It wasn't a word I'd ever heard before. I love it so much it's my journal inspiration for today.

Oh yes, and there is a bird.

*Folkiebooknerd's inspiration - indebted ;-)

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