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Unusual Animals In Wiltshire Fields #12

This is the third time alpacas have featured in this series, so perhaps they are not that unusual in Wiltshire fields anymore. They are noteworthy enough, though, for us to have made a special trip to Gastard to see them, ChristieScruffs having thought she had seen some from the car earlier in the week.

On the way there we stopped in Whitley, as we had seen an interesting pair of fields full of a variety of animals - different breeds of sheep with lambs, goats, some white geese, an Indian runner duck, a very tame miniature Shetland pony called Shona and a couple of horses.


Blip #711
Consecutive Blip #026
Day #780

Black Sheep
Sheep Portrait
Sheep And Lamb

Alpaca Close-Up

A Visit To Whitley and Gastard, 12 May 2012 (Flickr album of 42 images)

Unusual Animals In Wiltshire Fields series

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