Every Day Is A holiday!

By musings

Blue Heron At Imbrie Ponds

I finally felt good enough to go out and try out my new lens, and I'm a happy camper!   I got to try it out on this blue heron as it took to flight, and was much happier with the photos.  I love the light that comes in with an f2.8 lens.   And it's quick to focus and track, yeah!!!!

After I returned home, I had another present waiting....a 1.4X lens which will make this new lens equivalent to a 420mm.  I'm not sure I needed that, but it's nice especially when I'm taking the eagle shots.

Speaking of the eagles, I got some shots of the eagle flying yesterday after the Christmas festivities, although it was such a dreary day weatherwise.  They were really a long ways away, so I'm pleased with what I got at that distance.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas...we sure did.  Thank heavens for grandchildren...they keep the spirit alive :))

For more pond photos from today, visit my flickr page

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