Boats in the ice at Muirtown Basin, Inverness. Nearest is the stern of Monadhliath, and in the background is the Proud Seahorse. Both are currently operated by Marine Charter Scotland. On my budget, I'll stick with my ~5 metre long plastic one, that's paddle/muscle powered...

Was in town to drop off a laptop I'd been repairing for a work colleague. The hardware's now working, after I fitted a new power connector. He has the challenge of sorting out the software for the owner. Glad to get it out of the house. It had been spread over the kitchen worktop for the last few days, and I presume the owner's a smoker, as it pongs a bit.

On the way back, stopped off for a wee wander by the Basin, as the sun was about to disappear. The footpaths, road, and stonework around it were lethal - all covered in black ice. Didn't go close to the edge for fear of sliding in. Another sub-zero day.

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