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Day 137 of 365+1 - Theme for the day: Something you're reading.

Right now I'm reading the contents of this CD onto my computer! (obviously I have wiped the drops off...)

I've had the absolute day from hell today, dealing with the most... hmmm hold on a mo... '#£*%& '@~}{ &*(^)£ *()^*&@~}{+|? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

phew, that's better. what was I saying?

Oh yes, I've spent all day dealing with the worst kind of humanity. Jobsworth unionist academically institutionalised @~^$%)£*$'s

no good, can't discuss it without wanting to slip into a string of verbal abuse!

I'm going to fume in front of the TV... :p

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