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By ValleyAllBlack

Create the chaos

Would you still do your job if you were only paid £2 a day?

This was the question asked by Dr Paul Thomas at today's DNA Definitive conference in Cardiff. Think about it for a moment, if you're not motivated going to work each day then something is wrong, something needs to change because we spend a lot of time in our jobs.

The theme for today's conference was what makes high performing individuals and teams tick, and there were a wide variety of speakers from public sector, military, NHS and sport. Dr Paul spoke first about his experiences and complexity theory, and then introduced two ladies from Blaenau Gwent C.B.C., where through implementing Paul's ideas saw a major transformation in the operation of the refuse and recycling service. The BBC did a programme on it called 'Ban the Boss' and just showed what can be done by thinking differently and finding the true leaders in your business. Here's a link to some highlights.

We then had an insight into how the NHS is utilising performance analysis software to train the next generation of surgeons etc. A quick lunch and then straight back into a session with ex forces personnel and a Health & Safety team who are doing their best to change the perception of health and safety by taking risks.

The conference ended with elite coach Andy McCann and a few of his protégés, you may have heard of a couple of them, Sam Warburton and George North. It was great to hear from these elite athletes and understanding their mindsets.

A really great day! It's reinforced my beliefs and re-motivated me to make that real difference to my business! Just need to create that chaos!

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