A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins


Evening all,

This is Roxanne, she's a cow!

I haven't named her personally.

i'm not that demented yet, i've got at least 40 years before that happens if its a familial thing.

No, these ones have tags in their ears with their names written on them; there is Roxanne, Betsy, Pansy,Polly,McDonalds, Burger King, to name but a few.

(ok, i may have made one or two of those names up)

I thought i'd try and get a different angle so i knelt, prostrating myself at the cloven feet of this beauty, and i now have a camera, hair,and hands covered in cow snot....

the only cow that has an allergic reaction to being photographed!

Night all.

The Police

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