We went for a bike ride today, very bright and pretty, but a tad on the cool side... We had almost returned home to the village when I caught a nasty stone and gave my front tyre a pinch puncture, and rather than fix the tyre on the road I walked the last kilometre home.

This afternoon I hooked an old computer up to our even older TV so we could watch some old TV programs we have downloaded from BBC iPlayer but had not got round to watching. We must be about the only people in the UK still using an analogue CRT TV, so the legacy connection I required was the S-video DIN in the middle of this picture, which worked much better than I could have expected and I should have tried it before... The old TV is rubbish at looking at pictures, e.g. blipfoto, as it doesn't have anything like the required resolution, but it's perfectly fine at showing an iPlayer MP4 file.

Tomorrow I'm back at work...

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