Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: Blad and the back...x

I am bubbling with excitement. I confess. There are a few people that have to suffer my impatience with portraiture and cameras. The search of the ultimate, timeless portrait. The one off, and I don't just mean with the subject. I hate that with the mass reproduction of digital camera that the uniqueness of the camera is lost. The painterly, abstract individualism of the film, the grain, the hand made lens. Its lost. 

So.... I have possibly fustrated those around me with the search for the defining combination. But perhaps, excited a few that wanted to see it, believe that an old camera could come to life again, the lens, the squint and the lean down over the top, the clunk, the whirring winder actually becomes parts of the image again. The exacting, the defining moment...less speed more detail. I have a long way to go in refining, learning, re learning,  the Hasselblad and the digital back are a one off combination.

Thank you Boomerang Ben for having faith in this mad mission and the loan of the blad. there is plenty of life in the old camera yet! 

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