Looking East...

...along Hadrian's Wall from Green Slack to Peel Crags and Crag Lough.

A relatively early start as we set off for Newcastle, stopping on the way at Wooler Common for a dog walk. A pleasant stroll from the car park in to the centre of Newcastle via the university buildings, followed by some window shopping and a look round Grainger Market. We even managed to venture in to John Lewis (where we enjoyed trying out the sofas that are way beyond our budget...) and emerged with purses unscathed!

Then Mr M drove us west and along Hadrian's Wall. We were treated to a fabulous sunset but, by the time we 'd parked and walked up to Green Slack Summit, it was really too dark for a decent blip, but hey ho!

Back to the car and home in time for a quick bite to eat before Morris practice and the pub.

A slightly 'slower' day tomorrow, maybe...

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