The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Work Stations #2

This work station is in my study, next to the window that looks towards Bowood with a view that I have blipped a few times, and is where I upload my photos to Blipfoto and elsewhere.

I had ventured out earlier to the riverside path from Black Dog Hill, parking beside the River Marden. Dippers have recently settled there, and there have been regular sightings of kingfishers, buzzards, red kites, herons and a little egret. I saw only a grey heron that flew off because I startled it and a distantly circling buzzard, but I did get coated in mud after getting sucked into a quagmire.

I had considered going to Slimbridge to celebrate the end of year by seeing the 180 Bewick's swans that have migrated there now the weather has turned colder flying in to the Rushy Pen for their four o'clock feed.

I became dispirited, though, because this would have been a celebrated 1,460th blip before the dazzling white new Blippo Enlightenment turned everything upside down. The view count is presently only showing those who are logged in, revealing how few views were actually from this community.

Today I discovered that the tags for the many series' I have been accumulating over the years don't work under the new system, and there doesn't even seem anymore to be a way to link only to one's own entries under the new system. This, and fixing the EXIF so that location data is collected and implemented again, don't seem to figure on the "to do" list. Years of work seems to be unravelling and I find it all disheartening.

Wishing all blippers better for 2015.

31.12.2014 (1826 hr)

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