Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Left Hampton in the morning and drove up to Bletchley Park, near Milton Keynes, to revisit the code-breaking centre in use throughout WW11.  

Most people have heard the story, but for those who haven't it was one of the most amazing tales to come out of the war. Having the intricacies of the system explained to us made it only more staggering that it was ever possible to do what these people did. It's really not surprising that some of the code-breakers, in the words of one poet, were 'brilliantly insane'! 

Their efforts were said to have shortened the war by a couple of years - and oddly, because of the results of the Battle of Britain and the dominance of the RAF over the skies of southern England, the Germans never found the site. An absolute must for anyone visiting the area.

We left there late afternoon and drove up to Buxton, in the High Peak, where the snow was piled up several feet high in the market place and the pavements were an icy death trap! The road from Ashbourne to Buxton was decidedly dodgy in the dark, having been only very roughly cleared.

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