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New Year's Eve

CH and I don't really do New Year's Eve; I think we last went to a party at the Millennium. So today we went for a lovely lunch at Loxley's in Stratford, and then chased the last of 2014's daylight back towards home. CH was extremely cooperative with all the requests to stop so I could take photos; and luckily, just as I felt his patience stretching dangerously thin, we were held up at the lights in Bidford - so I leapt out of the car, scuttled across the bridge on foot and got this shot before the lights changed and he ran me over picked me up on the south side.

So there we are - the last blip of the year, but not the last of blip because I'm off now to slonk in front of the TV with a glass of fizz and comment on journals. Expect me to be very good tempered, at least till I become very argumentative.

Nearly forgot - many thanks for all the kind comments on Chesterton Windmill yesterday. As quite a few people hadn't seen this building before I've chucked some extra shots up here, for anyone who's interested in seeing more of it.

Happy New Year to all blip friends!

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