Day Trippers

What a great start to the holiday - the other 3 "Witches of Eastwick" and I went for a day trip to Ullapool. The main reason for it was a fish-supper-tasting-comparison-session. There are 2 great fish and chip shops in Ullapool, so we felt that we had a public duty to compare, test and report.

First stop - The Ceilidh Place for a cup of coffee and cake, all to gird the loins for the hard tasks ahead. Then, off to the craft shops for some wee Christmas presents. (Oh, there are some great shops in Ullapool.)

Then, round to The Highland Stoneware Pottery , which I had never visited. The outside is completely covered in mosaics made up of old shards, and it seems to have been partly designed by Kaffe Fassett, no less. I came away with my purse intact; awfully hard, though.

Today was part of the Ullapool Guitar Festival, and I had originally planned to go and check out some of the guitar manufacturers who were selling somewhere in the town. I never did find out. Just as well for the purse, really....

Then on to the fish suppers. The girls were quite pleased that I had brought some wine, tea, plates, salt, vinegar, sauce, napkins, cutlery.....
Kind of a posh fish supper.

Oh, and it wasn't as good as the one I prefer.... that will be for another day, however!

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