wander, stumble, wonder

By imo_weg


I was hoping for a pretty sunset tonight, and took a wander up the nearby hill to enjoy the panoramic views of Mount Wellington. The clouds were delicate, streaked across the sky, and I was watching (and being watched by) a whole pack of wallabies enjoying an evening grassy nibble. Out of nowhere I hear a cry "IMO!!!" I turn, and there are some friends, out admiring their new block on this recently subdivided hill. 

We chatted, they kept on back down the hill, while I climbed up a little higher and settled in for the show. By the time the sun actually got round to setting most of the clouds had disappeared, so it was a delicate rather than bold sunset. And my panoramas are refusing to stitch properly, so Chris will get his wish and be in my daily photo, the first of 2015's 365!

Happy New Year!

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