Happy New Year!!!

It's long been a tradition of ours to take a leisurely walk to Burger King for lunch on New Years' Day, to blow away any cobwebs from the night before. We go via the Brayford, the intention being to feed the swans. 

This year though, the few swans that were there didn't get a look in! There were so many black headed gulls, and they just mobbed us! Bri and I took turns feeding the gulls and taking photos. Jae just warily (of cameras and gulls!) fed the birds. 

Last night was spent drinking a few Honey Bee cocktails I made with the shaker I got for Christmas and some champagne which was less than delicious. It tasted like fizzy vinegar! I had to mix mine with lemonade to get it down! There were lots of fireworks - not just at midnight but on and off through the evening. This meant poor Minstrel spent most of the evening hiding behind the back room sofa...

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