2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Moving in day

The day finally came to take son number two to start his university course. We packed up the car with all his stuff, made sure we had all the admin stuff up to date and headed off. It was an easy, quick journey and there were loads of helpers to assist with the unloading of the car. His hall of residence is brand new for this year and so the room was pristine. The only problem we spotted was that the shower light won't come on - it seems to be linked to the door closing. We reported it and hopefully it will be fixed. 

After working out where the local Asda was and buying some food and other bits, I helped unpack and then said goodbye. Always so hard to leave them in a new place but easier than the first time with son number one. 

At least the journey home was much shorter. Hoping that he's settling into his new home and will enjoy the course. 

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