Chris and I (Annie) went on a little trip to Imber today. Imber is a tiny village in the middle of Salisbury Plain which is only open for a few days a year (because it's in the middle of the army's firing ranges). It was a beautiful sunny day and slightly surreal to be walking through the derelict streets the army uses for combat practice. The church in Imber is beautifully preserved and it was lovely to see it full of life today.

There were a few pesky "No Public Access" and "Do Not Enter: Live Ammunition" signs, but we ignored those and trotted on in to look at the combat buildings. Well, there were a series of other people, dogs and small children going before us and we watched our feet!

It's interesting to read the discussions on the Polaroid changes to Blip. It's hard to know what to think because the benefits to members aren't specifically laid out but it could well be a good thing and may be the thing that kept the site going. I (Annie) do feel it was a little unethical to ask for lifetime membership a short while ago with no hint of any of these changes. It would have been nice to have been able to make a more informed decision.

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