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The Abbess

I called in at Lacock Abbey yesterday on my way to do some shopping in Melksham. It was the last day of the Christmas decorations, as it happened, and the Main Hall was open. I ventured inside to warm up and go online for a few things, but the chairs had teasels on them to prevent people from sitting down so I came out again.

I found a sheltered nook on the edge of the rose garden to eat my sandwiches, and while I was there heard an excited miaow and then The Abbess came running up to greet me. She was difficult to photograph as she was either jumping up towards me, too close for the camera, or walking away to inspect under some shrub. I followed her onto the path towards the little brook and when I tapped on a tree stump she jumped up to pose for me. Here she was distracted by the call of a nearby bird.

I noticed snowdrops and crocuses springing up in the grounds.

5.1.2015 (1107 hr)

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Decorated Tree
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A Visit To Lacock Abbey, 4 January 2015
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