The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Big L

I had cause to go and see the Doc today. ( Someone has to do it).
The strawberry tart was very tasty thank you, but I really shouldn't have.
Hope the biscuits didn't break your teeth.
(Gotta keep him sweet, I may still need a tree or 3 chopped down and he is the very man to do it.....I hope.)

After last night's bendy class, my neck has been quite sore and I was beginning to feel quite sorry for myself. A half hour natter with an old pal in the north and I was chirping away again.
Claudette even got a new bit of upholstery too, but there is quite a lot more to do.
Softly, softly....and that monkey will be in the bag for July.

OC :-(

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