After . . .

. . . those few days of bright, clear skies, we are back with the drizzly, dismal, dreary stuff. This was the view from the highest point on the A6 -  Shap Summit – 1390ft and you can’t see a thing!!

Clearing out update: we’ve started on kitchen cupboards. Well, we’ve only done one so far, but this is likely to be small steps. Gordon has more or less taken over the breadmaking in our house, so we’ve sorted the flour cupboard and then re-stocked it. So sorting, rather than clearing, but that’s okay.
Reading: 'The Miniaturist' by Jessie Burton
It’s not often that I get a book that’s at the top of the best-selling lists, but this is a hard-back with a rather beautiful cover and it is quite fascinating . . . so far.
Listening to 'The Gloaming' by The Gloaming. I happened upon this by chance and I love it.

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