All These Things...

By Joestockdale

That Friday Night Rain

"They say a watched pot won't ever boil,
you can't raise a baby on motor oil,
just like a seed down in the soil
you gotta give it time." Arcade Fire- Neighborhood 4# (Kettles)

At least it looks nice and cleans the air. After work today I spent a couple of hours editing then picked my bike up from Langwathby and stopped at Ullswater and went for a short walk down to the Steamer pier. There was a real strong rainy haze to the air behind Hallin fell, which brought out the lines of the mountains and fells with such a nice and natural simple grey tone.

For once I decided to do a panoramic as I didn't feel the 50mm lens was wide enough to capture the true feel of the atmosphere, so I made good use of my new tripod and panned five shots and merged them together using Photoshop's merge to Panoramic setting, if anyone knows of any better way of merging photos into a panoramic, please tell!

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