Just the Withers......

By JaneW

This was not the original blip.. HOWEVER..

I just could not resist... see,it is really rare to meet someone (although I have collected others) who will prat about with the camera when it is set to self timer.... we took 156 shots all on timer with 10 rapid shots taken each time... but OH MY GOD... how hard is it to get two adults to JUMP at the same time off a bench..... hahhahaha I have laughed,and I tell you what you don't half burn energy doing this,we used a selection of benches all around Ryton Pools country park.. YES PIDGE WE MISSED YOU !!!
I have gorged on two large kit kats...... Ninja fed me up and paid for my chocolate intake AND some crisps AND my cappuccino !!!
I am really really thankful to blip as I think this is a splendid way to meet new pals,the internet is the way forward if you ask me,we know quite a few people who have met their partners on the internet.... it is all evolution ...

I feel a rant coming on..... twice this week I have had conversations with dear friends who have been stung by fair weather 'friends' ..... emotional leeches... take take take and NEVER give back,I say drop dead wood ASAP ... never hanker for the history you may have had,it clearly means more to you than to them,for if people care about you they DON'T turn away or slag you off....... Have some pride and don't try and beg or buy people to like you,I would rather be hated to be honest than have wanky hangers on.About 3 years ago I had a clear out,got rid of perpetual whiners... people who whine about trivial shit,yet the ones who have real problems,say who are battling cancer say and ask for nothing,I also have a strong dislike for those who play out their lives of banal shitty child like drama on Facebook,I delete them.

I am sated.

by the way I forgot to mention yesterday that myself and Mandy the midwife and Steph the mad woman almost got killed by a herd of cows on the rampage.

p.s the above shot is after we landed and walked back to the still firing camera and SHE had almost killed a dog and I broke wind in mid air.

Blipper of jump ...... dog kill....

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