Gimme the power!

It's 5.55pm on Saturday and our power has just come back on after 42 hours! It went off at 11.30 on Thursday night and really makes you think just how much we rely on electricity - this afternoon we've been playing Scrabble by candlelight and this was at 3.30pm!

Yesterday - my other half was away so missed it a dark day - I went to bed at 6.50pm, which must be a record, after 'enjoying'  a hot bath and reading with a head torch - fortunately we have a wood-burning stove with a back boiler! It was a not a great day food-wise - a cup of tea and a biscuit for breakfast, cup-a-soup and a bag of crisps for lunch and scrambled egg for dinner - OK, I'm not very imaginative, even with a camping stove! Had to keep suspending bags of hot water in the fish tank to keep the fish alive! I went to the library in Oban shopping this morning and had a cooked breakfast in Tesco's!

The Scottish Power guys have done a fabulous job - I could hear the chainsaws going for quite a lot of Friday. The downside is that we've lost almost everything in the freezer - all defrosted, though we'll be able to cook a few things! Grrr!

Good to get back to normal! Hope everyone else out there is back on-stream, though I think some of the Western isles might still be off.

Must do a back-blip for yesterday and see what all of you have been up to!

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