Sit up straight!

The doctor referred me to the musculoskeletal department and my appointment came through for today.

Before Christmas, I was sent for a blood test to exclude rheumatoid arthritis.  Today, the physio checked the results (hospitals actually link to the doctors now which I thought was a major step forward!)  Thankfully, the results couldn’t be more negative.  Strangely, as she put it, the symptoms and looks of my fingers still point to it.  Apparently, blood tests aren’t always the determining factor and it’s quite hard to diagnose in its early form.

My view… at least I’m on the radar for early identification should it become more apparent.  In the meantime, my fingers are nothing like they were before Christmas when I was finding unplugging things, opening jars and even peeling sellotape off my birthday presents really uncomfortable.

I could very easily have not gone out on my bike today but there was a window of opportunity where it looked like the wind was abating at about 2pm.  After 30 minutes of great mental debate, I took my bike out for a short spin but made the most of it by going up the hill in Ben Rhydding and then up and over the Cow & Calf.  

I think I might design a new jacket for a tail wind.  Sitting up straight certainly gave me an extra push up the hill but a set of bat wings would work a treat!

Tyre remains inflated.

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