By nonsuchtony

Yumbo Centrum

The Yumbo Centrum, Playa Del Ingles. An unfinished concrete maze that probably should have been knocked down. The structure has been saved by the addition of supporting beams and posts and a maze of piping to deal with fire risk, this year lifts have been added to get you down to ground level if you choose to avoid the steps which when wet are potential death traps. The ground level has been softened since I started coming here by the introduction of landscaping and many of the cafes and bars now open during the day, this is a pretty recent change but seems to work well.

On one of my first visits to the Island the travel company rep warned the holidaymakers that it was worth a visit but was colonised by colourful people. We still remain and have undoubtedly made this one of the most relaxed locations in Playa Del Ingles for people, colourful or otherwise to visit.

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