Picture this..

By northernlass261

Lago Victoria

Fairly dull today, but not cold.

After supermarket shopping, we had a ride over to Lago Victoria at the other end of the Resort.   It's a lovely area for waterbirds but haven't had an opportunity to go there until today.

Just some Coots and a few Ducks about.

There is a Canoe Club who use the lake and you can hire them in the summer.   Also we noticed today there is an Army type rope pulley across the lake that you can go across on by holding on with your hands.    I am sure there is a proper name for it?   It looked a bit near to the water.   Perhaps they can tighten it up when in use.

Al is off to choir practice tonight and I am out on the town with friends!

Making Nasi Goreng for dinner with leftover roast pork, some prawns and a little chorizo.

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