By Knottman2


A typical blipping experience. You walk down to the Promenade at 08.15 and, Oh, joy here are some Goosanders going out with the tide.
Priority is to try for a shot as quickly as possible. But first one then the other puts its head under water. Then you are really too far away and the light is not very good. Take a couple then down the steps on the beach. Zoom at 24x full stretch. Keep shooting. Creep a bit nearer, try to increase the ISO. Is that what I should be doing? I am still learning. Up they go off towards the sea.
Result? Well nice to get both. But no detail in the male head. Just an outline but a very recognisable one. Got the female eye but not managed to get that lovely red brown colour. Like the sand pattern.
Better look next time.

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