Gloves off!

It looks like Round Two in the battle to Save Park of Keir is about to begin.
We hear the developers are going to submit another proposal for less houses- 30 is rumoured instead of 100 –on the Greenbelt between Dunblane and Bridge of Allan.  
This is all to finance Judy Murray’s tennis centre and Colin Montgomery’s six hole par 3 ( yes that’s right , par 3) golf course.
Well, you don’t need a crystal ball to tell us what that means…. once the Greenbelt is breached it opens the floodgates to more housing.
Those of us with long memories recall that the initial application for housing on this site was for 500.
So gently, gently catch the monkey…you start with 30 and ….  Do the developers think we came up the Clyde in a banana boat?
Tonight we-  RAGE-Residents Against GreenBelt Erosion- have been asked to take part in a discussion chaired by Zara Kitson of the Green Party after the film A Dangerous Game which looks at the global situation where developers use golf courses and sporting facilities as a smokescreen to get through difficult planning applications.
Sounds familiar?
 We’ve fought this battle for nearly 25 years and the communities of both Dunblane and Bridge of Allan oppose housing on this historic designed landscape, part of Scotland’s heritage.
Stirling Council have already received nearly 800 objections and only 10 in support.

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