By treegonk


'Chimney Sweep'

Back at the Broons Biscuit Factory for a meeting.

One of the most satisfying drive-bys I have done - sometimes they just jump out at you.

This man cycled past just as I was pulling out of the place where I'd had the meeting and I knew it was a drive-by instantly. Most times the actual driving ones end up as blurry messes or I miss the subject completely because of the little camera's shutter lag.

This one turned out almost exactly as I wanted it. I'd maybe rather he was cycling into the frame, but I kind of like it with him cycling out.

I think his chimney brushes must have been on a lorry behind, given the size of the chimneys.

Drive-by slideshow.

I think I've got my roman numerals wrong since I hit 40. This should be XLIV. Oh well, it's drive-by licence...

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